About us

The story of Pursuit E-bikes

Pursuit was born from a dream – to climb higher.

We’re adventurers. We’re hunters. We live outdoors. We discover more on our bikes. Sharing this way of life with others is our passion.

We design and manufacture our bikes for hunters, adventurers, and families alike. Every bike is tried and tested with quality parts to ensure it can truly handle nature’s elements. Whether you're a hard-core, backcountry hunter or an easy-going trail rider, you can count on us to deliver dependability and durability.

We’ll deliver to your doorstep whether you’re in the mountains of Wyoming or the plains of Minnesota. We also offer e-bike rental services across the country including locations in Minnesota, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. We hope you enjoy our E-Bikes as much as we enjoy making them.

Come ride with us, Justin & J Mark

How We Began
Justin became an e-bike dealer in Minnesota for many different brands and later started an e-bike rental business at resorts across the state. J Mark has been in the automotive business for 60+ years and learned of e-bikes through his late son. J Mark and his son knew there was great demand in the e-Bike market and that it was an activity for people of all abilities. The two became dealers for a well known e-bike company and sold bikes at their car dealership in Pennsylvania.

J Mark and Justin were invited to a dealer retreat in Utah, which is where they first met. The two talked about their families and previous business experiences. They wanted to expand the rental business and create their own brand, a brand that is family centered and bikes that are built with quality parts.
A Start
Justin and J Mark began thinking of ways to design bikes and scooters with quality components to withstand the rental market in mountainous terrain. The manufacturing process began.
Who We Are Becoming
Pursuit E-Bikes was born from a dream - to climb higher!

“We strive to satisfy every customer. We want everyone to Climb Higher.”

Justin, Co-founder

Our Goal & Vision
Planning to expand the rental business in warmer climates during the winter months.