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Teton & Targhee

The Teton & Targhee are rugged mountain e-bikes equipped with a Bafang M-620 motor, dual batteries, and exceptional braking capabilities, making it a top choice for hunting and conquering challenging terrains.

The Most Stylish Bikes on the Mountain

Everest & Alpine

The Everest & Alpine are stylish e-bikes designed for comfort and control on various terrains, featuring an extended wheelbase and robust features, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.

How could these get even more affordable?

Summit & Quest

The Summit & Quest both provide a rugged design with exploration in mind, catering to cruiser enthusiasts and entry-level riders looking for the fun and practicality of an e-bike.

Canyon E-Bike

The Canyon offers a sleek and compact design, making it an inconspicuous commuter e-bike with a 50+ mile range, suitable for urban travel.

Hawk Scooter

Equipped with a 500 watt brushless motor, a 13 amp hour battery, and 16” tires, the Hawk can reliably get you just about anywhere you need to go.

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